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One more and probably the last time

I know I've put this up before, but if there is anyone who doesn't know (and cares to), this blog is being replaced by my Super-Sekrit Clubhouse LJ, marshallpayne1
And over there last evening I offered a few thoughts on the current state of short fiction and why I don't think it's all gloom and doom, and we really do have a lot to be thankful for. HERE I mention this as I knew I shouldn't have put up that post near midnight last night where some might miss it, but I couldn't sleep. :D
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Writing, my other LJ

I just finished two stories today that were in the tweaking pile. Short stories #98 and #99. I guess I'm keeping count so I'll know when I get to the three digit #100. One is SF/horror and so creepy it kinda freaks me out. The other's a modern-day high fantasy, trolls and goblins with wristwatches and TVs and bad breath, etc.
Most of you who are reading this know I have another LJ, marshallpayne1, which up until a few days ago was f-locked. Those of you who don't are welcome to add me over there and I'll add you back. This LJ has been pretty much an announcement site and rather boring. I've moved the birthday announcements over to the other LJ as well.
I really enjoy my other LJ much more because it's where the crazy stuff happens, so I decided to go public with it. So if you've been reading this one and thinking, Gee, Marshall sure has a dull blog. You're right! I just paid six months on my account for the other one. I think I'll let this one revert to freebie status. I might even let this one lapse entirely.
marshallpayne1  Marshall's Super-Sekrit Friends 
Well, it's not much of a sekrit anymore.
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Brutarian sighting…in my mailbox!

My two contributor copies of Brutarian #53 arrived today with my story "The Collection Plate" in it. As I've said, Brutarian certainly is a mysterious zine, as it's sold primarily in music stores. A few of us sub to them, but no one I know has actually seen a copy of the magazine. Now I have proof that Brutarian does in fact exist!
I was happy that this sale got me into SFWA a while back, but the check and seeing my story in print are nice too. Here's the TOC of the three short stories and an author interview. The rest is rock music and other weirdness, but I think it's cool they mix a bit of fiction with their music zine:
The Wizard of Ooze by Linnea Quigley and Michael McCarty
The Collection Plate by Marshall Payne
Common Time by Bruce Golden
An Interview with Alan Steele by Jayme Lynn Blaschke 

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Angela Slatter's birthday!!

Today (May 16th) is tallaudrey's birthday! Okay, I'm putting this up a bit early because Angela, one of the coolest ladies I know, is light-hours ahead of me in Australia. Great friend, fine writer, my sekrit-sharer in all things Audrey Hepburn (tall and short)…
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